Dj Bronson , since 2010 is synonymous with unforgettable social events with unique and unrepeatable characteristics, for a simple reason; Our human and technical teams are in constant race for advanced social and technical adaptation, attached to technological advances in sound, lights and effects, to offer every time our services are required, the best of the best.


Our human research teams are in constant search, to please the most demanding in order to offer the highest quality with that human warmth that characterizes us, since we started our march in this complex but exciting world.

Comply with the scheduling of events, is one of our most clear goals, so that we are an entity of realization, contributing ideas in the different areas in which the activities in which we are hired are subdivided, with the clear objective of becoming part of the realization, and not in charge for the development of: Weddings, Birthdays, and other social activities where we are required.


We are a solution to the best performance of your activity, and that is why we have a portfolio of accomplishments, full of duly documented activities, so that your memories are never lost in time.


If you go for more in your activity, we always have more to make a difference, and we can please you, apart from surprising you with our accomplishments. That's what we are for, and we strive more and more to please your wishes.

Dj Bronson , we are more than that in the general concept, we are a different way of marking in his history those moments that will become memorable for life, from the moment we enter into action.

You order, we please.